Advancing the IARSLCE through visibility, transparency, & dialogue

Advancing the IARSLCE through visibility, transparency, & dialogue
Trae Stewart, Associate Professor, Texas State University – San Marcos []
Nicole Webster, Associate Professor, The Pennsylvania State University []


Keywords: IARSLCE Board of Directors, question and answer session, direction of research, IARSLCE mission

Track: Theoretical or conceptual frameworks to advance research

Format: Conversation hour

Date & time: Thursday 2:00-3:10
Location: Crystal Room

This conversation hour is sponsored by the IARSLCE Board of Directors. The IARSLCE would like to provide a unique, collaborative opportunity to have an engaging conversation with members who are committed to advancing the well-being of the IARSLCE. Topics may include the future of research and varying paradigms of community-engaged scholarship, identifying the needs of its members regarding IARSLCE activities, information about leadership opportunities, and other topics that relate directly to the conference theme. Select Board members will be present. This proposed session builds on discussions at previous IARSLCE conferences and represents the Board’s ongoing attempt for transparency, inclusion of membership voice, and establishing a sustainable, inclusive organization for all scholars.

The goal is to provide a platform for questions and answers to be exchanged, specifically around research and scholarship, identifying membership and leadership opportunities, and other topics that may organically develop including the following:
  • Address priorities—participants will have an opportunity to discuss areas that they organization believe are critical to address and will move forward the mission of IARSLCE.
  • Offer innovative strategies grounded in research.
  • Focus on results—discuss strategies that the organization can employ to move forward the mission and agenda of IARSLCE.
  • Focus on building strengths—discuss positive solutions and approaches to supporting civic engagement and community engagement work.
  • International networks – identify opportunities for international collaborations with existing organizations/associations as well as the potential for regional meetings throughout the year.

Notes from this conversation hour will be presented to the Board of Directors of the IARSLCE. These notes will provide direction to draft action items for the 2011-2012 Board of Directors, particularly around constructing a more inclusive submission system, broader system of visibility and engagement for IARSLCE members within committees and the Board, and more international outreach / representation.

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