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Author(s). (2011). Title of session. In B. Harrison, B. O'Steen, P. Clayton, K. Edwards, & Editorial Fellows (Eds.), Proceedings of the International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement 11th Annual Conference (pp. #-
#). New Orleans, LA: IARSLCE.

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Youth servant leadership for peace building: Community-based service-learning in Palestine (Stewart)

Using research to enhance service-learning courses: An international perspective on the pedagogy of teaching children considered to be "at-risk" (Wehman & Savage)

The perceptions of participants in a first-year experience program at a New Zealand university (Elnagar)

Ethical and civic development and training in millennial universities: Experiences from Mexico, Spain and Chile (Cabrera et al.)

Service-learning and community-based research in leisure and tourism planning: International and domestic mechanisms for social change (Duffy & Mowatt)

Affordances of international service-learning: Enhancing learning though authenticity and autonomy (Motley & Sturgill)

Service-learning in Europe: Source, reality and challenges (Luna)

Shaken and stirred (into action): Applying a building block theory of service-learning in post-earthquake Christchurch (Perry & O'Steen)

The impact of an international service-learning program on community development and community learning in rural Morocco (Ulrich)

Porridge, chickens and sewing machines: Hunger and the literacy of entrepreneurship in rural Malawi (Smith et al.)

Crossing boundaries: Tension and transformation in international service-learning (Green et al.)