Overview of the Proceedings

Welcome to the first annual International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement (IARSLCE) Conference Proceedings!
This is the 11th year of the International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement (IARSCLE) annual conference. As we begin our second decade, the Association seeks to deepen its international presence and its support for international collaboration in this field. Two new publications, a peer-reviewed journal and this Proceedings, will enhance opportunities for scholarly dissemination and will increase access to field-building research.
This publication is intended to increase the public visibility of research related to service-learning and community engagement and to facilitate communication and collaboration among researchers and practitioner-scholars. The Proceedings includes summaries of the sessions from this year's conference and invites dialogue about them, and as such it provides enhanced access to scholars and scholarship from around the world. The online format allows for interactivity before, during, and after the conference.

Some background:

Throughout its history, the IARSLCE has nurtured the development of graduate students as emerging scholars in this field and has benefited from the leadership of graduate students, especially through the IARSLCE Graduate Student Network (GSN). The GSN is a community of graduate students with diverse backgrounds and perspectives from all over the world who are interested in advancing research on service-learning and community engagement; it serves as a mentoring community for graduate students to collaborate with one another and with established scholars as they continue developing their own identities and pathways as practitioner-scholars. To learn more about the GSN please visit http://www.researchslce.org/get-involved/graduate-student-network/

The Proceedings is a leading example of the powerful possibilities created through this commitment to international collaboration and mentoring.

The Proceedings is co-created and produced by a group of graduate student Editorial Fellows as part of the GSN’s leadership in advancing and supporting research and as a professional development opportunity for graduate student scholars. The Editorial Fellows are an international cohort of colleagues; they are led by a Senior Editorial Fellow and mentored by two established practitioner-scholar Editors, all of whom were selected by the IARSLCE Board of Directors to guide and support this project. To learn more about the Editorial Fellows team, click here.
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The 2011 IARSLCE conference:

At this year's conference, there are over 150 conference sessions that are organized into eight different tracks and six different session formats. You will find research about service-learning and civic engagement throughout the world, including Europe, New Zealand, Palestine, Morroco, and Malawi. Session facilitators come from varied backgrounds as well: students, educators from K-12 and higher education, administrators, and community partners.
It is our hope that the Proceedings will assist you in planning your conference attendance and in interacting with other participants. You will find a one-page description of each session, which includes a summary, reference list, and information on session facilitators. Each description is represented graphically with a word cloud to highlight key elements of the session. On each page there is space for you to pose comments and questions related to the session and to engage in conversation before, during, and after the conference.
We hope the Proceedings will therefore be a tool for interaction and community building among conference participants as well as the world-wide service-learning and civic engagement community. For more detailed instructions about how the enter the conversation, visit the "How to use the online Proceedings" link on the navigation bar or click here.
For more information about the IARSLCE annual conference, including lodging and registration, please visit http://www.researchslce.org/conferences/

Please reference the pdf version of the Proceedings (IARSLCE 2011 Conference Proceedings.pdf) using the following citation format:
Author(s). (2011). Title of session. In B. Harrison, B. O'Steen, P. Clayton, K. Edwards, & Editorial Fellows (Eds.), Proceedings of the International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement 11th Annual Conference (pp. #- #). New Orleans, LA: IARSLCE.

For more information about the International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement please visit http://www.researchslce.org

For any other assistance with the Proceedings, email Billy O'Steen at billy.osteen@canterbury.ac.nz

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